Bahrs (Souvigny) I did not expect it in the beginning, not earlier this evening, but now I know her better.
Millward (Porus) Suddenly her head drops down and her face is right in there, in the wet.
Grassi (Bac Lieu) I gasp.
Deyarmond (Coracora) At last.
Benedith (Anka) Her head is jammed between my thighs, only the top of her head visible, her chignon, as I hold my knees back and wide open.
Overcast (Brainerd) I feel her hot breath on my naked pussy.
Simoes (Hamilton) With marvelous skill, she beats my clitoris back and forth with her tongue.
Lopas (White Meadow Lake) I rock my knees and groan as my syrup flows.
Levee (Vaale) I love it.
Schertz (Al Mafraq) How delicious it is!
Jelley (Kato Loutrakion) I forget everything.
Serano (Tangerhutte) At this moment I'm nothing but a huge hole down there, hot sticky juice flowing with her steady lapping.
Ludovici (Bambakashat) Go on, suck it!
Pasqualetti (Wallersdorf) She stays with it, her head moving, her mouth slurping, my knees rocking back and forth.
Vick (Laloubere) I bounce my ass up and down, and no doubt she loves that too.
Linda (Rockingham) It's what she wants.
Futrell (Champfleur) Her face is flushed.
Selph (Sonkovo) I nod.
Kolata (Pofi) If she wants to wonder about it, she's free to do that.
Peng (El Guayabito) Then she dips her head to take me again.
Doss (Ipplepen) Quivering with anticipation, I watch her face as she moves in to nuzzle my pussy.
Varnado (Narlica) Her hair tickles the insides of my thighs and I feel one of her earrings scraping against my skin.
Mahraun (Mosciano Sant'Angelo) I feel her hot breath on my pussy, on my swollen lips that are now completely unfurled, open and wet.
Pittari (Apulo) She dips her head again, but this time she moves her tongue directly to my vagina and she scours the opening.
Boeckmann (Hunter) I fold my legs all the way back, my ass turned up as her serpent's tongue slides in and out.
Hafemeister (Santiago Juxtlahuaca) I try to grip it, contracting my vaginal muscles to grip her thrusting tongue, arching my body upward to get more of it.
Palmese (Nanmaizhu) Her face dips again, like a bird, but this time her tongue slides down to my anus and the first touch of it makes me gasp.
Wickkiser (North Scituate) Her tongue tickles me, touching all over the crack, wet and warm, making me shake with pleasure.
Lehrian (Mezzojuso) I love it.
Seryak (Cold Spring Harbor) I melt as she moves her tongue around and around my anus.
Brammell (Fryazino) She's an expert, and within moments I'm coming, heaving upward, grunting like a pig because I like it so much.
Hornoff (Saint-Martin-de-Hinx) Finally she pulls her face away and she gives an exhausted sigh.
Chiapetto (Sofronea) This time she lies down beside me on her back, our two sweaty bodies side by side on the wide bed.
Shone (La Loupe) I sit up and look at her, at her brown nipples and wild dark bush.
Eastburn (Steinkjer) Just use your hand, if you want.
Vause (Saint-Andre-sur-Orne) Make me come with your hand. I kiss her breasts first, running my lips over the velvet white skin around her nipples.
Richburg (Lorane) I take each long nipple in my mouth and suck it briefly.
Zumot (Cerchio) Then I sit up again and I put my hand on her wild bush.
Widgeon (Capriate San Gervasio) I watch her face as I feel the full lips under my fingers.
Sillavan (Zuerich (Kreis 5)) I watch her pleasure as she closes her eyes.
Fried (Batavia) Her red lips are wet with my juices.
Drybread (Cabras) Now my fingers are between her flaps, spreading them, opening her cunt until she groans and draws her knees apart.
Noth (Sperkhias) I look at it.
Henchel (Nicholson) Her pussy is dark and wet.
Clukey (Engerwitzdorf) I jerk her clitoris up and down repeatedly.
Felgenhauer (Bubikon) Yes, she likes that.
Hinkel (Flying Fish Cove) She moans more softly now.
Jarad (Bual) Her pussy wets my hand, her flesh hot against my palm as I continue rubbing her cunt.
Discher (Zambrone) Later, casually, she asks me if I want a job.
Holstad (Arusha) Her fingers stroke across the straps of Denise's bra.